Why Tulane

Please describe why you are interested in attending Tulane University (50-800).

I did not understand the passion that two students could have for their school until I talked to current Tulane undergrads Rachel Israilevich and Gabi Edelman. I called them to ask what they loved about Tulane and what I should know before applying there. Before I could even finish my sentence, Rachel squealed with excitement and yelled into the phone “Yes oh my gosh you have to apply this place is incredible!” I was taken aback at the charged reply. I had never spoken to a student at any other university who couldn’t help but yell at the prospect of someone else getting the same fulfillment out of their education. They both were so ecstatic about the chance of having me understand what they were experiencing, they talked for two straight hours about all the amazing things at Tulane.

I knew, then and there, that I absolutely had to apply.

As a person with fervor for the world, cultural mixing, and my education, I want to be at a school that has their students giddily scream for two hours at the incredible nature of their institution. I began to do more in-depth research and reaching out to other students and faculty at the school and after all of it, I am sure Tulane is the place for me. I am really interested in the Political...

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