Annihilation (film) Characters

Annihilation (film) Character List


A professor and former U.S. Army soldier, Lena is married to Kane who has gone on a top secret mission from which he returns one year later. Once he goes into a coma, dying of a mysterious ailment, she is enlisted to lead a small group into "The Shimmer" in order to discover what happened to Kane and with any luck find the source of the anomaly that is taking over the earth.


Kane is Lena's husband, an Army Special Forces soldier who has gone on a mission into "The Shimmer." He's been gone for a year and Lena is not certain he will return. But he does return, although he appears quite different and falls into a coma after coughing up massive amounts of blood in their home. It's only after lena returns from "The Shimmer" that he awakens from the coma.

Dr. Ventress

Ventress is a psychologist who works to analyze anyone who goes into "The Shimmer." She volunteers to go into the anomaly with Lena and the final crew. We learn Ventress is dying and has come to "The Shimmer" to get answers before she does.


Anya is a paramedic who joins Lena and the team on the mission into "The Shimmer." She is the most paranoid of the group and goes so far as to believe that the other members are against her; thus, she takes their fate and hers into her own hands.


Josie is a scientist on mission with the team led by Lena. She is attacked early on by a mutated alligator, and after an extensive period in "The Shimmer" she chooses to become a part of it rather than die a horrible death trying to stop it.


Cass is also a scientist on the mission into "The Shimmer. She is willing to fight for the other team members safety but is ripped away from the team by a mutated bear that kills her and copies her horrifying cries for help.

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