Annie John Metaphors and Similes

Annie John Metaphors and Similes

Annie's Baby Bottle

Annie described her baby bottle using a simile. She described it as, '... the other shaped like a boat.' The simile likens the shape of the bottle to a boat.

Motion of Teeth

Annie uses a simile to describe the motion of her father's false teeth. She described the motion as, '... his two rows of false teeth clop-clopping like a horse being driven off to the market.' She has therefore compared the sound they made to a horse's sound as it is being taken to the market.

Metaphor to Describe the Number of School Kids

When Annie joined her new school, she was overwhelmed by how many pupils they were at the school. She described their number using the following metaphor, ' When I looked at them, they made a sea.'

Miss Moore

When Annie first met Miss Moore, she described her as follows, '... She looked like a prune left out of its jar for a long time.' In her description, Annie likens Miss Moore to a prune by use of a simile.

Metaphor to Describe the New Teachers

Annie described her teachers as, '... because of some misunderstanding, they would be thorns in my side.' The metaphor used is thorn on her side. It means that she and the teachers would be at loggerheads constantly because of her mischief.

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