Annie John Irony

Annie John Irony

Annie Visiting Funeral Homes

It is ironical that when Annie was young, she visited funeral homes and even went to some people's funerals yet she did not know any of them. It is a situational irony because the common thing is that people attend funerals of people they know.

Alexander's Parents Leaving

It is ironical that Alexander's parents left him when he was a very small boy. The got on a boat and left for South America and he never saw them again. This is a situational irony because the readers expect parents to take care of their children rather than leaving them with other relatives.

Annie's Shock at Her Growth

It is ironical that Annie is so shocked by her physical growth as she transitions from being a baby to a teenager. She further wants her father to pin her to her bed so that she does not grow anymore. It is ironical because she should have expected the growth and that being pinned down would not stop the growth process.

Annie Mistreating other girls

It is ironical that when Annie saw girls that were as frail as she had been in the past, she often mistreated them. It is a situational irony because we expect her to be understanding and accommodating for she had gone through that phase as well.

Annie's hatred for her mother

It is a situational irony that when Annie became a teenager, she felt immense hatred and dislike for her mother. This is ironical because her mother had only loved and taken care of her. Annie said that when she was young, she often worried about her mother dying but when she met her new friend Gwen, it did not matter so much to her.

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