Annie Hall Irony

Annie Hall Irony

Irony Of Stereotypes

Alvy doesn't like Jewish culture but at dinner with Annie's family, he visually turns into a Jewish stereotype. Even though he's in is casual clothes, Grammy Hall sees him as a classic Hasidic Jew with his long beard and his big black hat. It doesn't matter how much he hates it, he can't escape from his Jewish roots.

Irony Of The Human Condition

According to Freud’s pleasure principle, individuals instinctively seek for pleasure and avoid pain to satisfy their biological and psychological needs. On the other hand, Freud’s reality principle suggest that individuals act upon accordingly to the reality of the external world and avoid acting on the pleasure. Human nature have conflict between Freud’s pleasure principle and Freud’s reality principle. Characters of Annie Hall ask themselves the question “Which one is true; enjoying life or being serious and full of misery?”. As we see, Alvy’s tone shifts throughout the film; funny and mocking, or serious and criticizing.

Irony Of Reality and Fiction

With unusual techniques and dialogues, no one is able to decide which one has the majority among them. Even Alvy says "I have some trouble between fantasy and reality." His thoughts, characters, scenes, places etc. are important to create an impact on us. He's making us have that same trouble.

Irony Of Love

Love is not just about sparkles, it can be devastating as well. Some may say one should sacrifice or change in order to achieve perfect union. Alvy changed Annie according to his own psychological needs, but the concept of perfection in his head doesn't work out as he thought it would be.

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