Annie Hall Cast List

Annie Hall Cast List

Woody Allen

The protagonist of the film. He's a Jewish comedian, he hates Los Angeles while he loves New York, and his obsessions lead him to a unsuccessful relationship with Annie. He has two ex-wives, both ended up unhappily divorced. Alvy's pessimistic and egoist attitudes can be seen as the reason why his psychotherapy wasn't a success. He wants Annie to be worth his love and he tries to educate her.

Diane Keaton

Photographer/Singer/Alvy's girlfriend. Unlike Alvy, she is optimistic. Her clothes are masculine and stylish. She is smart but she has insecurities because of him. With Alvy's help, she becomes more confident. For example, at first her voice was awful, but at the end of the movie, her cover of "It Seems Like Old Times" is absolutely beautiful. What Alvy didn't see coming is that his attempts to change her make her an independent woman, therefore they break up.

Tony Roberts

Alvy's friend. He is superficial and his coolness keeps Alvy's hyperactiveness in balance. He's an actor and unlike Alvy, he loves Los Angeles. He's in contrast with Alvy, and they call each other "Max".

Paul Simon

A music producer and symbol of glamour and self-indulgence of Los Angeles. He throws parties in his house in Hollywood and he takes an interest in Annie in a way that both artistic and romantic.

Carol Kane

Alvy’s first wife. He can't fulfill her sexual needs.

Janet Margolin

Alvy’s second wife, who needs Valium whenever she's tense. Another woman who cannot be pleased by Alvy. 

Shelley Duvall

She is a Rolling Stone reporter who has a one-night stand with Alvy. Once again, Alvy uses sexuality as an excuse.

Colleen Dewhurst

Annie’s conservative mother. She doesn't approve of Alvy.

Christopher Walken

Annie's brother who has fantasies about crashing his car into oncoming traffic. 

Helen Ludlam

Annie’s grandmother. She doesn't speak to Alvy and he describes her as a “classic Jew hater.” 

Joan Newman

Alvy's mother. Effusive, neurotic and argumentative, she is a Jewish matriarch figure.

Mordecai Lawner

Alvy’s father. Like her wife, he thinks Jewish traditions are important in life.

Marshall McLuhan

A Canadian media theorist, who criticizes the snobby man behind Alvy and Annie in a movie line.

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