Anne of Green Gables Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Anne of Green Gables Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Anne’s red hair (Symbol)

The main heroine of this story has a red hair. Firstly, she hates her hair. She is confident that it is her lifelong sorrow. It is a misfortune. The attitude to her hair means the attitude to herself. She never recognizes her mistakes and actions. Nobody wants to communicate with her. But when she accepts her appearance, she becomes more friendly and reliable. So, Anne’s red hair is a symbol of attitude to herself.

The room’s window (Symbol)

Anne always likes to look through the window and keeps an eye on the farm and passersby. She likes when the sun shines and its rays get into the window. Her friend Diana inhabits the next house. And when they don’t have opportunity to play together, they often send signals with candles to each other. It is an unusual invention. The bedroom’s window is their way to consort and make their friendship stronger.

The Green Gables (Allegory)

According to the story, Anne is an orphan, who doesn’t have parents and the best place for living. But she is a lucky girl. One family adopted her and she arrives to the green gables. The green gables is a place, where Anne feels happy and protected. She always helps her foster parents and they are thankful for it. Also she finds new friends. The green gables are a hope and opportunity for Anne to make the life better.

Friendship, Home, Appearance (Motif)

These three constituents are the most suitable for this novel. The author tries to prove us that there are nothing better in the world than the home and friendship. Everybody should have a spacious and comfortable house, where you always feel calm and comfortable. Where you can be protected and your family appreciates the spending moments with you. The same is concerned our friends. As we know, nobody can live without friend’s jokes and support. Our life would be senseless without them. The author insists on the guarding of the friendship, like Anne. And we must remember that the appearance never prevents the real and intimate friendship.

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