Anne of Green Gables Metaphors and Similes

Anne of Green Gables Metaphors and Similes

Fashion care (Metaphor)

In this story the main heroine, Anne, tries to look pretty. The appearance is very significant for her. She never paid attention to the clothes, when she lived in the children’s house. But now she cares about her appearance and her foster mother made many frocks and aprons. She looks worthy among the children of the same year. The clothing doesn’t have a big importance, but Anne wants to be a lady and looks decently.

Ideal world of dreams (Metaphor)

Maybe, everyone dreams about something beautiful and special. Anne always likes sitting in her room and dreaming about everything together with her best friend Diana. She dreams about different things such as ideal life, pretty appearance and loyal friends. And her dreams have come true and she is really happy, because she has everything: home, family and friends.

Anne’s inner magic (Simile)

Anna is described by the author as a quick and guiltless creature, who “come dancing up the lane, like a wind-blown sprite, through the mellow sunshine and lazy shadows of the August evening”, thus adding some magic and tranquility to the story

Anne’s promptness (Simile)

The author adds to Anne’s description promptness, as “Anne flew up like a rocket” to gather for the picnic, when she has got knew about this glad news. It brings her much pleasure.

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