Amy Lowell: Poems Background

Amy Lowell: Poems Background

Born in the state of Massachusetts in 1874, Amy Lowell is an important figure in the annals of American poetry. Famous for her love of a cigar, over the course of her career Lowell is believed to have composed more than 600 poems in a range of styles and voices, such as narrative poetry and polyvocal prose writing. Much of her verse concentrated on womanhood.

Working as poet and editor of poetry collections, Lowell was heavily influenced by the Imagist movement, originated and pioneered by her contemporary, Ezra Pound. In later life, she wrote a biography of one of her key literary influences, the English Romantic poet John Keats, and published works of literary criticism.

Although sidelined to an extent by history, Lowell's work was rediscovered and has been reassessed in the light of the rise of women's studies and feminist theory. Awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1926, a year after her death at the age of 51, Lowell's work offers fascinating glimpses of life as a woman poet and intellectual writing alongside key names in the Modernist and Imagist movements.

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