Amnesia Background

Amnesia Background

Amnesia is a novel that was written by Australian author Peter Carey and published by Hamish Hamilton Publishing in late 2014. It was released in the English language and has since been translated into no others. It is preceded by the 2012 novel The Chemistry of Tears.

The book chronicles the story of the Australian journalist Felix Moore, who is investigating and writing an article about the young Australian computer hacker named Gaby Baillieux. It shows how Baillieux is developing a computer virus to open the cell doors to prisons in Australia, and then how this virus quickly makes its way to the United States of America. In order to build a mood of conspiracy and political corruption, the author references several events throughout Australia's past that include at least one of the two aforementioned items.

Though the book has always been relatively unknown and is generally disliked by the majority of casual readers, it has achieved some nominations. It was short-listed for both the 2015 Indie Awards in the category of Fiction and the Australian Book Industry Awards Australian Literary Fiction Book of the Year, and was long-listed for the ALS Gold Medal. None of these are very major, though, and Amnesia

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