America: God, Gold, and Golems Quotes


"She shall rise today! She shall live!"

Sarah Bainbridge, "The Revival"

When the Bainbridges present their dead daughter to Elijah Young, he says she will rise again, but on Judgment Day – not before. In hysterical denial, Sarah yanks her child back and screams, "She will rise today!" in direct opposition to the word of Elijah, who speaks for God. Despite screamed entreaties to God, Sarah is unable to raise her daughter back to life. This quote speaks to Sarah's furious, stubborn desperation and inability to believe that God's will does not include this particular miracle, a philosophical flaw that is healed in the crucible of this tragedy.

"You and Jem both would trample over a room of babies if a gold nugget awaited you on its other side!"

Mae Harper, "Hundreds of Feet Below Ground"

This quote, spoken by Jem's still-living wife, Mae, to Ned Weeks, reveals the depth of the selfish greed of both Weeks and Jem. Their obsession with money and material advancement fuels their motivation, and when Weeks discovers that Skinny has money, he naturally does everything he can to take it for himself. This terrible greed, embodied in this quote, leads to horrible tragedy in the small town of Solomon's Gulch.

"I don't blame Paige for what happened. He told me he intended to create a golem and I agreed to help him. It is no surprise that things got out of hand. That is the nature of a golem."

Noah Strauss (as Narrator), "The Golem's Mighty Swing"

The Stars of David have dressed their largest player up as a Golem, a creature from Jewish legend, and during that game, tension grew high and things got out of hand, resulting in an all-out brawl that nearly spelled the end of their lives. In Jewish tradition, a golem is a creature made by a kabbalist, a sort of sorcerer, and imbued with life to help them with tasks. Since only God can create life, however, these golems always rebelled or malfunctioned, causing more problems than they solved. By "creating a golem," the team tried to take their fates in their own hands by defying God, and it resulted in catastrophe.

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