America: God, Gold, and Golems Background

America: God, Gold, and Golems Background

A New York-born comic artist, James Sturm's 'America: God, Gold and Golems' is a series of three graphic stories first published in 2007. Each story explores less well known aspects of American history: 'The Revival' is set during the religious Cane Ridge Revival of 1801; in 'Hundreds of Feet Below Daylight', Sturm uncovers themes of greed and racism in a 19th century mining town and in 'The Golem's Mighty Swing' he evokes the heady, if slightly sinister, world of Jewish mysticism.

Carefully illustrated by Sturm, this trilogy blends the genres of comic novel and story. While the illustrations no doubt help to entertain the reader, learning about important but ignored periods of American history makes Sturm's work a worthwhile read for all.

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