Amelia Quotes


"'So you think it necessary, then,' said the doctor, 'that there should be one fool at least in every married couple."'

The doctor

When Amelia is getting her nose attended to by the doctor, she tells him about some of the trouble she's having in her marriage. She loves Booth, but he continues to get them both into tight spaces. As the doctor says here, she believes that marriages are not equally weighted. There will be one partner who succeeds the other, mentally and morally.

"'My angel,' cries Booth, 'it delights me to hear you talk thus, and for a reason you little guess; for I am assured that one who can so heroically endure adversity, will bear prosperity with equal greatness of soul; for the mind that cannot be dejected by the former, is not likely to be transported with the latter.'"


Amelia is the one who gets she and Booth out of debt, which he had accrued. Upon learning of her inheritance, Booth is overjoyed. He isn't merely glad because they have money now but also because he knows that she will steward it well. Through her careful management of their lack of money, he is confident that Amelia will be equally wise with great wealth and will not become corrupted by it.

"To speak a bold truth, I am, after much mature deliberation, inclined to suspect that the public voice hath, in all ages, done much injustice to Fortune, and hath convicted her of many facts in which she had not the least concern."


In this quotation Amelia muses about the nature of fate. Booth has been locked up for a crime which he did not commit. She says that people use fate as an excuse oftentimes, blaming fate for their own shortcomings. Perhaps fate doesn't even concern itself with many of people's problems. The people are the only ones to be blamed.

"A good face, they say, is a letter of recommendation. O Nature, Nature, why art thou so dishonest, as ever to send men with these false recommendations into the World?"


While Booth is in prison, Amelia is approached by multiple suitors. She rejects all of their advances. Any man who will try to take advantage of a married woman simply because her husband is not around is a manipulative immoral one. Here Amelia laments how the dishonest ones have been made beautiful so as to fool the people around them. Life should not have made them so pretty as to fool young women.

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