Amelia Characters

Amelia Character List


She is the heroine of the story. Amelia is a young woman, stubborn and in love with an Army captain. Against her mom's advice, she decides to marry him. Throughout the story she remains faithful to her husband and determined to do whatever it takes to help their marriage thrive. She's resourceful and resilient.

Captain William Booth

He marries Amelia. Not the most responsible man, Booth winds up in prison a couple of times. While there, he falls for the charms of Miss Matthews, damaging his marriage. He wants to patch things up with Amelia, however, and they manage to heal. He still has terrible impulse control, so he ends up gambling and accruing ridiculous debts.

Miss Matthews

She is the antagonist. While he is in prison, Booth meets her. She likes him and seduces him. Too weak to resist her charms, Booth falls for her.

Amelia's mom

She doesn't like Booth from the start. Counseling Amelia not to marry him, she tries to protect her daughter from harm. Her insistence and disapproval is the reason the young couple runs away to London. She's not mentioned again after the first book.

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