All That Heaven Allows Characters

All That Heaven Allows Character List

Cary Scott

Cary is a wealthy widow who spends her days at the country club and networking with her peers. Despite the apparent fortune of her life, she is unhappy and longs for more. This comes in the form of Ron, a man so opposite to herself, but so right for her. However, when Cary starts a relationship with him, she is subject to criticism and snobbery by her friends and family, resulting in her worried about what a relationship with Ron would bring.

Ron Kirby

Ron is Cary’s main love interest in the movie. His job is an arborist, and he comes from humble beginnings, unlike Cary. He is not materialistic at all and prefers to live a modest life. Despite her being his complete opposite, Ron quickly falls in love with Cary, but is met with resentment by her peers, causing problems in their relationship.

Kay Scott

Kay is Cary’s young daughter. She is shown to be loving towards her mother but is unfriendly towards Ron because she seems him as being beneath her. However, she later changes her mind about him, after seeing how happy her mother is, and encourages her to be with him.

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