All That Heaven Allows Background

All That Heaven Allows Background

Directed by Douglas Sirk, All That Heaven Allows tells the story of a young and rich widow called Cary Scott who one day falls in love with a landscape designer named Ron Kirby, who has virtually no interest in living a ritzy lifestyle. Still, Ron eventually proposes to Cary, which distresses her family and friends because they feel that he is not good enough for her. This pressure eventually gets to Cary, who breaks off the engagement, but spends much of her time pining for Ron. Eventually, the two get married and live happily ever after - hopefully.

In 1995, All That Heaven Allows was selected for preservation in the United States Film Registry. But even when it was released 40 years earlier, it wasn't all that well-known, barely earning $3 million at the box office that year. Still, the film is widely regarded as a masterpiece and has received quite a few positive reviews in the modern day. Geoff Andrew of Time Out, for example, wrote in his review that "Beneath the stunningly lovely visuals -- all expressionist colours, reflections, and frames-within-frames, used to produce a precise symbolism -- lies a kernel of terrifying despair."

Given its subject matter, All That Heaven Allows touches on a number of timeless themes. Issues such as gender roles, class differences, and the importance of pursuing one’s own happiness despite societal pressures are all explored. Additionally, the film has been seen as a criticism of the 1950s lifestyle, and how it often limited individuals to a certain set of expectations. Even today, these topics still resonate with audiences, making the film a classic. It’s a timeless story about true love conquering all that stands in its way. Despite the various obstacles, Cary and Ron are able to fight through their differences and end up together. In the end, it’s a testament to the power of love and the importance of pursuing one’s own happiness.

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