Alive Summary

Alive Summary

Alive is the story of an airplane crash over the Andes mountains. It is also a narrative of survival and resilience and a story of how the survivors find their way back into society. In the beginning of the story, the flight had forty-five people. All was going well for a while when suddenly the plane lost contact with external sources and the flight spiraled down into the Andes mountain range.

There is a heavy search by the government but to no avail. During this, the survivors helped each other heal. They had to live on barely any food. The area in which they crashed was utterly desolate, barren of life. The conditions were very harsh. They had to survive an avalanche. The situation was so dire that they eventually had to eat human flesh to survive. While this was probably one of the toughest things they had ever done, it helped them survive the winter. Meanwhile, the government agencies had stopped their search. When they were finally found, they had surprisingly little injuries. Their own resilience and uniqueness of experience restored their faith in life and God.

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