Alexander Hamilton Summary

Alexander Hamilton Summary

This work explores the life and death of Alexander Hamilton. It discusses his birth as an immigrant in the Carribean, with a dead mother and a father who had abandoned him. It also tells how he escaped to the United States simply by writing an essay about a hurricane that had destroyed his town. It discusses the struggles of an immigrant in the US, and how his perserverance and bare intellect made him one of the most important figures in Politics.

It also discusses how Hamilton met his friend/enemy Aaron Burr, who ends up shooting him(Spoiler!). It also explores his close friends, Marquis de Lafayette, John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, and others. They all collectively fought for the same common goal; freedom. Of course, as it had tol of his friends, it would not be comeplete without his foes; Thomas Jefferson, George Eaker, and James Madison being among them. Along with following the life of Hamilton, it also followes the life of his wife, Eliza Schuyler, daughter of Senator Phillip Schuyler, along with briefly discussing her siblings, most prominently her sisters Angelica and Peggy(who died early on).

Hamilton also was the U.S. Treasurer. Chernow eloquently captures Hamilton's loud, brash and intellectual attitude with an artistic flair. It also discussed his role in the war under General George Washington, and his desire to continue moving forward. The two had many conflicts, but in the end were considered close allies and friends.

Chernow depicts the relationship between Burr and Hamilton perfectly. He(Chernow) also tells of duels, which were very common in that time period as a symbol of strength and bravery. Hamilton got in numerous among numerous duels, which Rob closely ties to his personality. His son, Phillip Schuyler, also died in a duel, which was arguably Hamilton's fault. This eventually leads to his ultimate fate, as previously mentioned.

Maria Reynolds, a woman Hamilton had an affair with, is also examined. The repercussions were discussed in depth, like the Reynolds Pamphlet, which caused and immense amount of backlash. The book finally comes to a close with the death of Alexander, in a duel with Burr due to the fact that Hamilton endorsed Jefferson over him during an election. Burr that fatally shot Hamilton, leaving Eliza to carry on his legacy.

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