Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Accidental Death of an Anarchist Imagery

the open window

The open window is a reoccurring image, used to remind the audience of the issue at hand: uncovering the truth of what happened the night of the anarchist's death. The Maniac threatens to jump out the window if Bertozzo doesn't let him stay, and he asks to close the window when the Inspector arrives. The Superintendent, too, asks to close the window later on, providing a segue for the Maniac to point out the incongruity of having a window open at midnight in the middle of December. He even encourages the Inspector and the Superintendent to jump out of the open window to demonstrate how their deceptive interrogation techniques could have inspired the anarchist to do the same. 

the Maniac's files

The Maniac's files contain documentation of his madness, as well as his "crimes" of impersonation. They appear at the beginning and the end of the play, both times to establish who the Maniac really is. As the play progresses his identity is disguised with layer upon layer of lies, until the files cause his entire charade to explode. It is telling that it is the Maniac's idea to share the files, understanding that the policemen and the Journalist would most likely not believe him without documentation to back up his story. Thus, even though it appears that Bertozzo has forced him to tell the others who he is, in actuality he wishes to dismantle the charade. 

the exploding bomb

The bomb appears as the play approaches its climax, carried into the office by Bertozzo. It explodes immediately after the Maniac reveals his true identity, providing a powerful visual and auditory image that may symbolize the way in which the truth can violently erupt.