A Storm of Swords Irony

A Storm of Swords Irony


In the book, Daenerys comes to be associated more and more with freedom. However, her efforts seem to be worthless when she finds that in Astapor, a city liberated by Daenerys, a former slave named himself king and started ruling over the others in Daenerys’ name.

Everyone can become a King

While a great accent is put on succession to the Throne by blood, it is proven that anyone can become a Kings in the fictional universe when a former slave becomes a King in Astapor.

Killed by their own slaves

Another example of irony is when the masters in Astapor are killed by their own slaves. This proves that while the Unsullied are obedient, they also listen blindly and will not hesitate to kill those who trained them if they are told to do it.

Law of Sacred Hospitality

The Law of Sacred Hospitality that existed in the North stated that the host may not harm his guest and the guest may not harm his host. While Jamie was at Harrenhall, Roose Bolton bragged about the Law of Hospitality and that he will not harm Jamie because of it. This proves to be false when days later he is an active participant in the Red Wedding, killing Tully and Stark men who were supposed to be protected by the same law.

Wrongly accused

In the book A Storm of Swords, we see that Tyrion is once more accused of a crime he didn’t commit. He is put on trial for the first time by Catelyne Tully who accused him of trying to murder Bran and then he is accused of murdering Joffrey. In both cases, it is proved to the reader that Tyrion is innocent.

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