A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy

A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy Imagery

The Monk

Sterne describes the monk, as seen through Yorick's disapproving eyes, in a very detailed fashion; here, the prose is meant impress upon the reader the monk's humble character, especially in contrast to the disdainful and judgmental persona displayed by Yorick.

La Fleur

Sterne delights in describing the handsome, charming, and ostentatiously dressed young servant, dwelling on his bumbling conviviality and tendency to indulge in decorative garments.

The Grisset

Sterne presents an intimate, carefully described scene of eroticism when Yorick and the grisset flirt and hold hands, looking first into each other's eyes and then away.

The Final Scene

This is a humorous, sensual, and finally ambiguous scene. The reader can easily envision the two beds, the lady in one and Yorick in the other, with a rough covering hanging between them. It is also possible to envision Yorick tossing and turning and then crying out in frustration. Sterne's famous sequence ends as the young fille de chambre wordlessly glides over to Yorick in the dark, eventually coming into contact with his outstretched fingers.