A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy

A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy Character List

The Reverend Mr. Yorick

Yorick is the narrator, and a "sentimental traveler." He is quick to judge other people by their physical appearances at the beginning of his journey, but later regrets the assumptions he makes. Yorick is very interested in women and engages in many flirtations in the course of his travels. Though often thoughtful, he can also be self-interested and thick-headed.

Father Lorenzo

A poor monk whom Yorick encounters and at first refuses to assist. Father Lorenzo eventually becomes a longtime acquaintance of Yorick's, but dies after several years.

Monsieur Dessein

The master of the hotel in Calais where Yorick stays; he helps Yorick secure a chaise.

La Fleur

The servant Yorick takes on in Montreuil. Although his talents are limited, La Fleur is described as handsome, faithful, affectionate, simple of soul, and beloved by all people.

Count de B****

A man who mistakes Yorick for a character from the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, and gives Yorick a passport in Versailles.


A young woman who originally appeared in Sterne's novel Tristam Shandy, whom Yorick visits and consoles after she is consumed by grief on account of her husband's death. She is simple in her ways and her mind is no longer clear.

The French officer

An elderly veteran whom Yorick sits with at the Opera comique. In an act that wins Yorick's approval, this officer steps in to help a poor dwarf whose view is blocked by a tall German.

Madame de L***

The beautiful and sorrowful woman Yorick meets at the door of the Remise, where he is to pick out a chaise. He receives a letter from her and sends back a love letter written by someone else, but the two do not cross paths again.

Madame de R****

The woman to whom Yorick is to deliver a letter in Paris.

The lady

A thirty year-old woman who is traveling with her fille de chambre and who has to sleep in a bed next to Yorick's bed. She is very uncomfortable with this arrangement, especially when Yorick speaks after he is requested not to.

The fille de chambre

A woman who works for Madame de R***. Yorick initially sees her in a bookshop and compliments her on her virtue. The two later engage in a flirtatious interlude, with Yorick touching her satin purse and helping her with her broken shoe. Their flirtation gets Yorick kicked out of his hotel room.

The grisset

A beautiful shopkeeper whom Yorick asks for directions and flirts with at some length, even though she has a husband.