A Moveable Feast Characters

A Moveable Feast Character List

Ernest Hemingway

The author and narrator. He details his daily struggles trying to make a life in Paris as a journalist in the 1920's. He often details about his journey through poverty to make it to where is now.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hemingway's friend, and fellow author. Though they have a close friendship and go on many adventures, they both are rivals in their field and often compete with each other or take differing stances on topics.

Sylvia Beach

The owner of a library, who allows Hemingway to visit the place without charge. She also looks out for him and cares for him, despite having no reason to. She is noted for being a genuinely nice and caring character.

Gertrude Stein

She acted as Hemingway's mentor and was a close friend to him, before their friendship ended abruptly. Stein is noted for being very headstrong and painfully honest in her opinions of other authors.

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