A Moveable Feast Background

A Moveable Feast Background

A Moveable Feast, written by Ernest Hemingway, was published in 1964. This volume was published by his wife, the fourth one, after his death; the book is a memoir about his life in Paris and other places, and Hemingway's relationships between other poets and artists.

This book starts in a small cafe in Paris, where he works in a cafe. During most of his life, he does not have a lot of money to spend. He gets to rent books for free because he can't buy them. The only way he made money was when he went to go bet on races with his wife. He ends up winning the bet, and he takes his wife to the expensive restaurant there. Hemingway is forced to skip meals when he doesn't have money, but once discovering he writes better while hungry, he sometimes starves himself while writing, until his friend convinces him to stop starving himself. He meets with other poets, artists and writers. At the very end of the book, he writes about how he regrets leaving Hadley, his wife at the time.

A Moveable Feast is what Hemingway wrote about during his time with Hadley, his first wife, and his time in Paris, working and writing. Throughout, he addresses his personal interactions with fellow writers/artists, including F. Scott Fitzgerald. This book's title came from a quote he said to his friend, because he was not alive when this was published.

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