A Mercy Quotes


"they separated and protected all whites from all others forever.’’

Chapter 2, the narrator

In the second chapter, the narrator mentions an important event during which the government passed different laws, rendering the black slaves powerless. After a series of uprising orchestrated by a white colonialist, the blacks were forbid from using weapons, gathering or even traveling. The whites on the other hand were given the right to kill any black slave without the fear of repercussion. The narrator notes that this law protected the white community and gave it power over everyone else.

"forced to scoop up the corpses…they used pikes and nets’’

Chapter 2, the narrator

In the second chapter, the narrator presents the ‘’tragedy’’ that stuck D’Ortega, the man who owned Jacob a large sum of money. The description of the incident presents how many slaves died while the ship anchored in harbor. To get rid of the bodies, the sailors threw them into the water but then they were later fined for doing it and what is even more they were forced to gather the bodies from the water. Through all this description, the narrator focuses only on the ‘’problems’’ the white men had while trying to deal with the dead bodies of the slaves. This shows just how the slaves were perceived and how little their life mattered to their masters who could not care less if their slaves died or lived as long as they made a profit.

"To be female in this place is to be an open wound that cannot heal.''

Florens's mother, chapter 12

The last chapter is the most important one in the novel because it shows just the way in which slaves were treated by their masters. The slaves who worked under Rebekka were treated relatively well until Jacob died, being allowed to sleep in the house, being given enough food and warm clothes to wear. Other slaves experienced a different type of life and one of these people is Florens’s mother. The woman was gang raped at the orders of her master and then got pregnant. After her daughter grew up, she was able to see that her master now looked at her daughter in the same way he used to look at her. The mother knew that if she were to allow it, her daughter would be subjected to the same abuse she had to endure as a woman so she did everything she could to protect her child. The quote shows just how harsh the women here treated and also the lengths to which a mother was willing to go to protect her child.

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