A Mercy Characters

A Mercy Character List


Florens is a slave who toils on the land of Jacob Vaark, a New York rural farmer. She was bought from a debtor to please Jacob's wife, who was suffering from terrible loneliness. As the story progresses, a sixteen-year-old Florens is sent outside the farm to find medicine for Rebekkah, who has come down with smallpox, a journey that will transform her life.


Lina is a Native American woman. She is also a laborer on the Vaark farm, one who has had experience with the deadly disease of smallpox that runs rampant throughout the novel. She tells her story of how she did not contract the disease when it swept her tribe, becoming one of the lone survivors.


Rebekka is the wife of Vaark, an Englishwoman who married Vaark without ever even seeing his face. She suffers from extreme loneliness in the rural landscape of America, with her children tragically dying. When she contracts smallpox, Vaark sends Florens on a quest to find a medicine man who allegedly can help.

Joseph Vaark

Vaark is the owner of the farm where all the women live. Over the course of the novel, readers learn of his past; he is an orphan who lived from poorhouse to poorhouse from Maryland to New York, who has attempted to carve a life for himself out of the untrodden New England landscape.

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