A Man Called Horse Irony

A Man Called Horse Irony

Horse’s status in Crows’ society

The white man has left his home in Boston searching for equals of his. But when he got into Crows’ camp his social status has been lowered to the existence of an animal. This is ironic when taking into account the fact that he has been respected in the civilized society, but here among these savages he was nothing.

Horse’s low social position

It seems that in the camp nobody really cares of the white man, he is not respected at first and is treated as an animal. Nobody cares to talk with him, all he is doing what he is said to do about the house, and playing with children. “He was hunting small game with three young boys who were his guards as well as his scornful companions” – little boys are his guards, and his companions, but even they scorn him and do not respect. It is ironic how one’s life can change. At one moment he is a respectable man, and at the next moment he fights with gods for food, sleeps under the sky, and does everything an illiterate woman tells him.

Crows’ vs. Europeans’ boastfulness

When an Indian does something honored, he never keeps silent of it, “modesty about achievements had no place among the Crow people”. So it is, but this has much deeper meaning that it may look at first. Being considered wild and savage Indians always boast of their deeds, but these are deeds that really have some meaning for the entire society, and their boastfulness does not provoke any envy, but respect and recognition of others. Europeans on contrary are ready to boast of their achievements always and everywhere, but this reflects only their selfishness. Ironic is that people who cannot read and write, are uneducated, but still know more of things that really matter.

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