A Land Remembered Characters

A Land Remembered Character List


Tobias gets wealthy because of his cattle herding and orange grove.Tobias's family consists of his wife, Emma, and his son, Zech. From a horrific mosquito attack, Tobias would develop a case of malaria. Tobias would receive treatments from a Native American doctor, and though this will make him feel better, Tobias will die due to extreme coldness as he tries to protect his orange trees.


As mentioned above, Emma is Tobias's wife. With the help of Pearlie Mae and Glenda, Emma cooks food for all of the men. Emma never once complains, which reveals her persistent personality. Everyone loves Emma and is saddened when she suffers a heart attack and dies just years before Tobias's death.


Zech, son of Tobias and Emma, is the main character during the second generation part of the book. Unfortunately, Zech lives a lonely life and is isolated from other children his age. Zech did have a love for animals, as he had two dogs (Nip and Tuck) and a hose (Ishmael). His two dogs, unfortunately, would be killed. Zech would then marry Glenda and have a child named Solomon, or Sol. As a result of an affair, Zech would have another son named Toby Cypress. Using his extreme skills in horse riding and gun slinging, Zech defeats many misfits to help protect his home. Zech will get shot in the foot and will become gradually weaker. He will go one until his death when he drowns as a result of a horse riding accident.


Wife of Zech, Glenda would have two children. But, unfortunately, one would die due to miscarriage. Towards the end of Zech's life, Glenda is impaired by a bull and passes. Zech shoots the bull multiple times in grief, revealing his true love for Glenda.

Solomon (Sol)

Solomon, son of Glenda and Zech, will be corrupted by greed and the desire to leave a mark on the world using his extreme wealth. Solomon would be the main character of the third generation. He continues to live a corrupted life and is hungry for power. Later though, Solomon meets Bonnie and this changes his view of the world. The two most major events of his life, the death of Bonnie and the reunion of him and his half-brother, makes Solomon completely change. He moves to Punta Rassa, where he will live his life until he suffers a heart attack at the end of the book and dies.


Bonnie was a young waitress when she met Solomon. Unfortunately like many of the other characters in the novel, Bonnie suffered a terrible childhood with an abusive father. Bonnie is employed by Solomon as a housemaid and will continue living with him for the next seven years. The two finally realize and admit that they want to marry each other as they were escaping a hurricane. They are ripped apart from one another.


Skillit met Tobias near the end of slavery in America. Tobias would hire him, and Skillit considered himself as part of the family. He helped Tobias catch cattle and would later marry another former slave. He would be mentioned only at Tobias's funeral and the part of the novel when Sol would look back at all the people in his life.


Tobias helped Frog get out of his drunken life by hiring him. Frog would continue to be like a brother and a great help to Tobias, but would later die by the same bull that impaled Glenda.


Zech's mistress. Not much is known about her except that she is the mother of Toby. Tawanda, as informed by her parents, died from childbirth and other complications.


Son of Tawanda and Zach, he was made fun of by children within his village but is respected by adults because of his bloodline of a wealthy white man. Toby will become the chief in his village and will have three children with Minnie, his wife. He makes peace with his half-brother right before Sol dies.

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