A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Imagery

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Imagery


Pate's shield has a sign that he gives to Dunk. This gift is significant to Dunk because Pate restores it and Tanselle paints this sign. The imagery of this shield marks an important transition in the novel, and the detail of the elm tree means a lot to both the giver and recipient.


A pivotal moment in the novel is the joust between Dunk and Aerion. The consequences extend beyond them, and the resultant deaths cause Dunk to need to leave. Imagery of this joust helps the reader to see how things cannot return to how they were; it is through sensory depiction of individuals and how they fight that we can obtain closure for their old storylines.

Bennis and Peasant

Ser Bennis the Brown slices the cheek of a peasant as an angry response to the action of servants to Lady Webber. His choice hearkens to traditions of punishment dating back to Herodotus, and the imagery of the scene causes the consequences of servitude to the people involved at lower levels of the feudal system.

Dunk in River

Dunk uses the stream's noise to discuss relations with Lady Rohanne, but the noise ends up masking dramatic time between them. The bloodiness involved as the scene takes a self-sacrificial tone is emphasized by the tactile nature of the water - as presented in imagery - in addition to the auditory component of observing the water.

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