A Grain of Wheat

A Grain of Wheat Imagery

Nature Imagery

Ngugi's nature imagery is particularly well done (and important to the story): blustery wind, gloomy drizzle, fertile land, barren hot deserts, and more all all vividly depicted.

Gikonyo's Stool

The imagery of Gikonyo's stool as he sketches it out in his head is important because it is an indication of: his return to his relationship with Mumbi; to new life, fertility, and growth in the post-independence world; and to redemption for this character.

The Race

The race at the end of the novel is particularly memorable, as almost all the main characters are running as fast as they can for various reasons: expiation, fame, love, revenge, and so on.

Gikonyo and Mumbi's Lovemaking

The scene where Gikonyo and Mumbi first make love in the forest is romantic, erotic, and vividly described. Ngugi uses the fertility of nature to comment on their bodies melding into one and achieving pleasure.