A Dance With Dragons Quotes


You Westerosi are all the same. You sew some beast upon a scrap of silk, and suddenly you are all lions or dragons or eagles.

Illyrio Mopatis says this to Tyrion Lannister in Tyrion I

Illyrio says the lines to Tyrion in response to Tyrion’s proclamation that he is a lion. Illyrio, being a Pentoshi, finds it strange that people in Westeros associate a beast to themselves as sigil and use it to define them. According to him, just by associating an animal to one’s family can’t make sure that that person would have those qualities. He feels that all the talk about being a beast just because of a patch on a flag is absurd.

The blood of the dragon does not weep.

These are the thoughts of Daenerys Targaryen in Daenerys I

Daenerys is brought the body of Stalwart Shield, an Unsullied soldier, who had been killed brutally while with a prostitute. Daenerys wonders why a castrated man would go to a prostitute. She is told that he went looking for love or rather, a pretence of love. Daenerys is upset over the life of the Unsullied who have been trained brutally to be killing machines, but she is a queen and of an ancient lineage at that. She can’t cry in front of her court and make them think of her as soft-hearted.

Bear Island knows no King in the North, whose name is STARK.

The lines are from a letter Lyanna Mormont sent to Stannis Baratheon in Jon I

After Stannis Baratheon sent messages to different parts of Westeros asking for their fealty and accepting him as the King in return, Lyanna Mormont, the last Mormont and the keeper of the Bear Islands, replies to him that the Mormonts sided with Robb Stark during the Battle of Five Kings and they would swear fealty to only a person who would be the Stark heir and thus, their king.

Rebellion makes for queer bedfellows. And none more queer than this fat man and me.

These are the thoughts of Tyrion Lannister in Tyrion II

Tyrion thinks that during war, many people change sides and sometime fight alongside with people they hat and sometimes against those whom they love. So, one can never guess who might be the one fighting next to someone in a war. He feels that his company with Illyrio Mopatis to help Daenerys win the Iron throne is the most strangest of those happened so far.

Kill the boy and let the man be born

These are the words Maester Aemon speaks to Jon Snow in Jon II

Jon Snow is a compassionate and empathetic person. He is also young in age and has become the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch at a very young age. Aemon feels that Jon would be crushed under the responsibilities and his soft-hearted nature would prevent him from taking tough decisions, so Maester Aemon advises him to let go of his innocence and childhood and become a mature person who can bear the responsibility.

Every dwarf is a bastard in his father's eyes.

These are the words Tyrion speak to Haldon Half-maester in Tyrion III.

When Illyrio lies to Haldon Half-maester about the identity of Tyrin he mentions him by a Pentoshi name while Tyrion doesn’t look Pentoshi. He decides to correct error by stating himself as Hugor Hill, Hugor being the name of ancient king and Hill being a bastard name. Haldon asks him if he is a bastard of a king. Tyrion understands that Haldon is suspicious of his identity and means to learn about it. Thus, Tyrion replies mysteriously, that him being a dwarf makes him as insignificant as a bastard.

For the Watch.

This sentence is said by multiple men to Jon in Jon XIII

These words are said by different members of the Night’s Watch as they murder Jon Snow. They believe that Jon is getting Night’s watch involved in wars of the realm which are technically not their business. They also believe that Jon, being the bastard of a traitor and very young, is making bad decisions, like sheltering and welcoming wildlings which is destroying the spirit of Night’s Watch. So, they feel that the murder of Jon Snow is a good thing for the watch.

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