A Dance With Dragons Irony

A Dance With Dragons Irony

Tyrion’s Fear of Death

Tyrion, after escaping from King’s Landing, is aimless and almost suicidal. He feels guilty for forsaking his wife and indulges in intoxicating himself to keep out of senses. He does not take any efforts in hiding the murder of his father, has no interest in other women and wanders around aimlessly. At a point, during his wanderings in Illyrio’s garden, he observes poisonous mushrooms growing and picks them to keep for some time later. But, when Illyrio serves him mushrooms during dinner which he suspects of being poisonous he refuses to eat them. He doesn’t want to live but doesn’t want to die as well.

Daenerys’ Marriage

Daenerys marries Hizdahr zo Loraq to strengthen her position as a queen with a marital alliance. He assures her of keeping the peace in streets as Meereen at this point of time was submerged in a civil war. Daenerys marries him as she feels that Hizdhar might be helpful in maintaining her kingdom. However, he tries to poison her at the fighting pit by giving her honeyed locusts to eat.

Lord Manderly’s Pork Pies

Lord Roose Bolton and the Freys are led into thinking that Lord Wyman Manderly is supporting their cause when he supposedly executes Davos Seaworth and follows the Freys to Winterfell to witness the marriage do Ramsey Bolton and Arya Stark. However, three Freys go missing and are supposedly baked into pies and fed to the people at the marriage.

Hugor Hill

The name Tyrion assumes during his travels with Haldon Half-maester has dramatic irony, as the Hugor was the first king of Andals, who are ancestors of the people living in Westeros. He was called the Hugor of the Hills. Incidentally, Hill is also used to identify a child of bastard birth. Tyrion is a descendant of the royal family of the Casterly Rock and is considered a bastard by his father. Thus, the name reflects Tyrion’s real identity but does not reveals it.

Daenerys’ Capture

While outnumbered at the fighting pit and surrounded by the men from the Sons of the Harpy, Daenerys’ climbs atop Drogon, her biggest dragon, in hopes of taming it and returning back to Meereen. Yet in a case of situational irony she is left starving in a distant land captured by the khalasar of the Khal Jhaqo who betrayed Khal Drogo, her husband.

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