A Dance of the Forests

A Dance of the Forests Metaphors and Similes

Forest Head (Metaphor)

The character of the Forest Head is himself a metaphorical figure, in that he represents the forest itself. He and the other forest spirits that populate the forest are embodiments of the natural world, and as such function as metaphorical personification of inanimate elements.

Dead Man and Dead Woman (Metaphor)

The Dead Man and Dead Woman are also metaphorical figures, in that they are representations of death and unfinished business, in spite of being living, breathing, moving figures. They represent the world of the dead.

"Perhaps I have started a new disease that spreads quickly" (Metaphor)

When the Warrior speaks out against the war in Mata Kharibu's court, the physician suggests that the Warrior is becoming dangerous because he is sowing dissent among his fellow warriors. This pleases the Warrior, who says, "Perhaps I have started a new disease that spreads quickly." The disease to which he refers is dissent and rebellion among the warriors in Mata Kharibu's army.

"I also have no pity for the one who invested foolishly. Investors, that is all they ever were—to me." (Metaphor)

This line is spoken by Rola, the current manifestation of Madame Tortoise, when Adenebi accuses her of toying when men's hearts and ruining them. She suggests that her seductions were simply business transactions, and compares her suitors to investors in a business. Thus, she uses the metaphor of business to describe her romantic attachments.

"It was smoking like a perpetual volcano" (Simile)

Obaneji and Adenebi discuss a lorry, the Chimney of Ereko, and Adenebi describes it as "smoking like a perpetual volcano." This is a simile to describe the lorry when it catches on fire, by comparing it to a fixture of nature, a volcano.