A Dance of the Forests

A Dance of the Forests Glossary

tortoise (noun)

an animal similar to a large turtle, with a longer lifespan and living exclusively on land.

araba tree (noun)

A type of tree found in Africa.

carver (noun)

A person who carves wood, stone, or other materials professionally.

canary (noun)

an African finch with a melodious song.

reveler (noun)

A person enjoying themselves in a lively way.

garb (noun)

distinctive or specific clothing.

flog (verb)

beat someone with a whip or a stick.

flea-bitten (adjective)

sordid, shabby, or disreputable.

cockerel (noun)

Young rooster.

totem (noun)

object or animal regarded as having spiritual significance and standing in as a symbolic emblem.

razed (adjective)

destroyed or torn down.

stout (adjective)

strong and thick, sturdy or fat.

wallop (verb)

violently strike someone or something.

quarry (noun)

A place from which stone or materials are extracted.

proverb (noun)

A pithy statement that reveals a truth about existence.

cicatrize (verb)

heal through formation of a scar.

sage (noun)

A wise man, a thinker.

alloy (noun)

A metal made through combining two different elements, resulting in an even stronger metal.

uncouth (adjective)

lacking good manners, refinement, or grace.

leprous (adjective)

suffering from leprosy, a skin disease.