A Cyborg Manifesto Background

A Cyborg Manifesto Background

A Cyborg Manifesto is an critical feminist essay published by Donna Haraway in 1984. The essay is one of a series centering around the same subjects. Haraway is a prominent science scholar and distinguished thinker, and The Cyborg Manifesto is one of her most eminent works.

A Cyborg Manifesto is a critique of traditional feminism. As well, Haraway breaks down the connection between human and animal, and human and machine. She presents her "cyborg theory", which proposes a world of fusions between humans and machines through grammar and political language.

The essay was critically well-received for its profound ideas and variety of thought. However, traditional feminists have criticized A Cyborg Manifesto for denying unity between women, and skipping over essential portions of the feminist movement.

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