A Complicated Kindness Background

A Complicated Kindness Background

The third novel of prominent Canadian author Miriam Toews, A Complicated Kindnes is an award-winning book that focuses around the themes of family, sacrifice, and self-amendment.

A Complicated Kindness is set in a fictional Mennonite town called East Village. The narrator, Nomi Nickel, a 16 year old teenage girl, dreams of one day visiting the "real" East Village in New York City. Her ambitious, inquisitive nature brings her into conflict with town authorities, who dislike her nosiness and boisterousness. The story centers around her attempts to find a place for herself in the village, weaving in and out of her relationships with other characters.

A Complicated Kindness was critically well-received, winning the Governor General's Award, the CBA Libris Fiction Award, and CBC's Canada Reads Award.

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