1984 Glossary

"The book"

Titled "Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism" and supposedly written by Goldstein, it contains the story of humankind and the Revolution, arguing that there is hope for a stronger future without the dishonesty and manipulation of the Party.

Airstrip One

Part of Oceania, once known as Britain.


Newspeak for artificial insemination.

Black Market

Illegal trade resource for all "good quality" materials, such as real coffee, sugar, razors, etc.


Newspeak word with two mutually contradictory meanings. The first is used to refer to an opponent, and can be defined as habitually contradicting plain facts. The second is used to refer to a Party member, and can be defined as a loyal willingness to believe contradictory statements when the Party demands it, which allows for continual alteration of the past.

Floating Fortress

Part of Oceania's offensive/defensive armaments. Literally an unsinkable fortress floating on the ocean.

Hate Week

A week of hate mongering against enemies of war. Supported by massive rallies and organized through the Ministry of Truth, Hate Week rallies Party members around Oceania and Big Brother.

House of the Lords

Part of the British government in the capitalist days. Referred to by an old man Winston meets at a pub, although Winston does not understand the reference or the man's meaning.


Newspeak for English Socialism.

Junior Anti-Sex League

A youth organization advocating complete celibacy for both sexes and encouraging artsem. Julia is a member and wears the organization's symbolic scarlet sash.

Jus primae noctis

A supposed capitalist law that allowed any capitalist the right to sleep with any woman working in one of his factories. A "fact" the party cites about capitalist history.

Ministry of Love (Miniluv)

Maintains law and order. Protected with great force. Only those arrested for Thought Crime or who are on official Party business can enter. Referred to within the novel as "the place with no darkness" because the lights are always on. Dissidents are taken here to be tortured, reformed, or killed.

Ministry of Peace (Minipax)

Responsible for the Party's management of issues surrounding war.

Ministry of Plenty (Miniplenty)

Responsible for the Party's economic affairs.

Ministry of Truth (Minitrue)

Responsible for all Party news, entertainment, education and fine arts. The Party's propaganda machine.


The official language of Oceania and the new language of the Party, devised to meet the ideological needs of Ingsoc (English Socialism). The goal of Newspeak is to reduce the English language to the fewest words possible and supercede Oldspeak by 2050. Removing words removes ways to define anti-Party feelings and the ability to disagree. For example, the word "speedful" can be used in place of the word "rapid."

Party Slogans

Examples include: "War is Peace"; "Freedom is Slavery"; "Ignorance is Strength."


The area of the Fiction Department in the Ministry of Truth devoted to creating written pornographic material for the proles. Dominated by women because the Party believes women are less likely to be corrupted by the material.


One of the 85% of the Oceania population that are not Party members and live in poverty. Regulated loosely to weed out the overly intellectual and protect the Party.

Reclamation Centers

Colonies for homeless children.


A chemical sweetener or sugar substitute; excessively sweet.




A party tool used to translate spoken word into written word.

Spies and Youth League

A Party youth organization that encourages children to spy on and report elders, including parents, to the Thought Police. Indoctrinates children into the Party.

St. Clement's Dane

A building bombed many years ago that once stood by the Law Courts in London. A rendering of the building hangs on the wall in Mr. Charrington's rented room and turns out to be a hidden telescreen.


An oblong metal plaque that looks like a dulled mirror and acts like a television, a camera, and a listening device for the Inner Party and Thought Police. There is no way to shut it off completely, and it keeps tabs on all Party members.

The Physical Jerks

Daily morning exercises all Party members must take part in. Dictated via the telescreen.

The Revolution

The rise of new socialism (versus democracy and capitalism) that resulted in Ingsoc in Oceania, Neo-Bolshevism in Eurasia, and Death Worship in Eastasia. Each regime has the conscious aim of perpetuating unfreedom and inequality, arresting progress, freezing history in a chosen moment, and perpetuating war.

The Times

A Party-sponsored news publication for which Winston works.

Thought Police

The arm of the Inner Party that seeks out those against the Party, searching out anyone with even the smallest thoughts against the Party or Big Brother. Their powers of observation force everyone to live as though they are always being watched or listened to. Mr. Charrington is a member.


Thinking against the Party, having misgivings about the Party, doubting Big Brother, or questioning any Party action or "fact."


Subway system.

Two Minutes Hate

Daily requirement for all Party members. Organized group of members watches Party presentations on a telescreen denouncing Goldstein and war enemies (either Eastasia or Eurasia), and celebrating Big Brother. Causes great outbursts of hatred such as directed screaming and violence at screen representations of the enemy.


The fate of those who commit Thoughtcrimes. Those who are vaporized are removed from society in that they are killed and all evidence of their existence is removed.

Victory products

Party-made products, such as gin, cigarettes, clothing, food, and even housing. All of poor quality.

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