Uncle Vanya Metaphors and Similes

Uncle Vanya Metaphors and Similes

Wasted lives (Metaphor)

All characters of this story drive themselves to despair. Everybody of them tries to find problems and grumbles about it. All characters are consumed with annoyance, utter boredom, complaints. Their problems are love, old age and success. And this melancholy atmosphere destroys their calm and happy life. They forget that they live one life and don’t take delight of it.

Unattainable love (Metaphor)

People will never understand the meaning of this metaphor, if they don't love somebody sincerely. This story shows us many couples and their relationships. And they are unhappy. Somebody is satisfied with this love, but others want something more. For example, Helena doesn’t feel the love to her husband, because she thinks that their marriage is casual. And these thoughts break many hearts and hopes to keep the marital life.

“He is absolutely unknown, and his fame has burst like a soap-bubble.”(Simile)

This comparison means that the glory of the character disappeared very quickly. His reputation is destroyed in a blink.

“It is long since I have heard music. And now, I shall sit and play and weep like a fool.”(Simile)

Helena compares herself with a fool, because she considers that the weeping isn’t a good way to drive to despair.

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