Uncle Vanya Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Uncle Vanya Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Bouquet of flowers (Symbol)

This play doesn’t have many symbols, but there are some things, which can be used as symbols. For example, it is a bouquet of roses. Voitski is going to present Helena with these flowers, but when he sees that Astroff hugs her, he becomes upset. These cute flowers are a symbol of the hopeless love and unrealizable dreams.

Chickens (Symbol)

One may think that it is not clever. What can chickens symbolize? But these tiny creatures are also the main symbols. They always walk in the yard, look for worms and chirp loudly. And this chirping is like the conversation between the members of this family. These chickens are a symbol of the idly chattering people, who live in this country house.

Man and nature (Motif)

As any book or story, this play has a love motif. But love doesn’t play the main role here. Chekhov shows readers the real, important and modern problem of the humanity in the present time. Some people don’t care about the forests, lakes, fields. The pollution of the environment, deforestation, forest fire appears every day. And people are the main reason. But there are people as Doctor Astroff, who protect nature from damage. And this character is a really good example for readers of the young ages.

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