Uncle Vanya Characters

Uncle Vanya Character List

Ivan Voitski or uncle Vanya

Uncle Vanya is the main character of this play. He is hard-working and sincere person. He works for hire all his life to pay off a debt of his father. He never knows the joy or rest. And now when his best years have passed, he opens his eyes to the awful truth. He has understood that he gave his best years and youth to the service of nonentity. But he doesn’t lose his humanity and hope.

Alexander Serebrakoff

Serebrakoff is a retired professor. In the beginning of the play, he seems as an intelligent and sensible person. But in fact, he appears a cruel and selfish tyrant. All his workers work double tides for him and do everything to win his respect. Alexander always pays respects with the irony. He is a striking example of the self-admiring and egoistic person.


She is Alexander’s wife. As she is a beautiful woman, she has many admirers. Doctor Astroff and Ivan Voitski always think that she is a sexy, pretty and clever woman. But in reality, Helena is a passive heroine of this play. She always lives in clover, because her husband provides her with everything. And that’s why she becomes lazy and light-hearted woman.


This young lady is a daughter by a former marriage of Alexander. And she is the most positive person in this play. She tries to keep good relations with all the characters. Her assiduity and kindness impress the reader. And these impressive and excellent strains make her an idol for many readers.

Michael Astroff

Astroff is a doctor and Vanya’s friend. He is a very thoughtful and cultured man. His main problem is nature. Michael tries to protect the environment from the calamitous influence of people. And that’s why he is a striking example for the growing generation.

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