Uncle Vanya Imagery

Uncle Vanya Imagery

Serebracoff’s country place

The place of events has a very important meaning for the reader. “Serebrakoff has a beautiful garden. In an avenue of trees, under an old poplar, stands a table set for tea, with a samovar, etc. Some benches and chairs stand near the table. On one of them is lying a guitar. A hammock is swung near the table”. This pleasant atmosphere shows that this place is like a paradise.


It seems that trifles don’t have an influence on our life. But this cartogram almost changes the conception of the world of Astroff. Early there were “green tints, both dark and light, which represent forests, great flocks of swans and geese and ducks” on the map. But the cartogram has changed after twenty five years. “Only a third of the map is green now with forests. There are no goats left and no elk.” People stop to take care of nature.

Voitski’s room

Voitski’s bedroom is also his office, where “a table stands near the window; on it there are ledgers, letter scales, and papers of every description. Nearby stands a smaller table belonging to Astroff, with his paints and drawing materials. There is also a map of Africa on the wall, obviously of no use to anybody. There is a large sofa covered with buckram.” All this description affirms that Voitski is educated and very busy person.

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