Uncle Vanya Irony

Uncle Vanya Irony

“HELENA: What a fine day! Not too hot. VOITSKI: A fine day to hang oneself.”

This day is good for Helena, but not for Voitski. He just is in poor spirits and that’s why he expresses his opinion with black humor.

“MME. VOITSKAYA: You used to be a man of settled convictions and had an illuminating personality. VOITSKI: Oh, yes. I had an illuminating personality, which illuminated no one.”

Everybody praises Voitski for his good temperament. But he is sure that it is not so marvelous and makes fun of himself.

“A man of genius cannot be a saint in Russia.”

Helena sneers at famous people, because she is confident that they make many dirty things, mistakes and sins for the sake of the fame in their life. And there also is important the country they live in. Chekhov often criticizes the Russian society, the absent of morality and honesty.

“Oh, damn this horrible, accursed old age! Ever since I have been old I have been hateful to myself, and I am sure, hateful to you all as well.”

As we know it is not fun getting old and Serebrakoff is clearly regretful about his old age. He says that the old age is helplessness and he hates himself, but of course he just plays a joke on himself.

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