Tuck Everlasting Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Tuck Everlasting Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Tuck's neverending melancholy

Tuck, as mentioned in the story, barely smiles. This symbolizes how depressing it is to live forever. He only smiles when he sees Winnie, a normal person who will eventually die. His sadness represents the main message in the story, which is that living forever is not good. Tuck always shows in his tone and speech that he wants to die instead of living forever.

The Ferris Wheel

The ferris wheel symbolizes life, where it is always moving and moving and never stopping. People and other creatures get born, grow and die. Even the water from the river get evaporated into clouds then comes back to the river in form of rain. Everything has a continuous cycle that involves birth and death except the Tucks. The Tucks are out of this cycle because they will live forever.

The Toad

The Toad symbolizes Winnie's freedom. Whenever Winnie looked at the toad, she was always wistful and wanted indepence and freedom from the cottage she lives in. Even when Winnie spilled the spring water on the toad, she thought it would stay free forever, not only free by the physical body, but also free of worries and adult thinking forever. Winnie always wanted to prove that she could be free like the toad before she escaped the cottage. She always kept telling the toad that she will one day escape and the toad will see her when she does it.

The Pond

The pond Tuck took Winnie to resembled the on going life, the life the Tucks no more exist in. The pond contained water that had a continual cycle going from river to ocean to cloud to rain then again to river, animals that grow, reproduce and die. All of these things continued in the same cycle, while the Tucks' cycle stopped, forever.

The hub of the Ferris wheel

The hub of the Ferris wheel resembles the woods because it is the center of all the events that happened seperately and connected them in one big event. Winnie Foster, the Tucks, and the man in the yellow suit were all related when they had something to do with the woods. Winnie Foster lived in the woods and her family owned it. The man in the yellow suit came to visit them suddenly in the woods, and the Tucks drank from the magic spring that was in the woods.

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