Tuck Everlasting Quotes


"People get to wondering"

Pg. 53, Mae Tuck

Mae here underscores an important trait in humans, which is curiosity. People always look to other people and keep wondering about what is happening in their lives. Other times, people start judging without knowing the real story, and this is what the Tucks are trying to avoid.

"The worst is happening at last"

Pg. 30, Tuck

The Tucks knew that someday the secret about the spring will be exposed. After a long time, their prediction became true, when Winnie Foster knew about it. The Tucks know that the worst thing that can happen to them and humanity is if the spring secret is exposed to the whole world.

"Life's got to be lived, No matter how long or short."

Pg. 54, Mae

Mae here says that every moment of your life should not be wasted, and you should enjoy every part of it. No matter how long or short your life is, live it to the maximum of fulfillment.

"There's no use trying to figure why things fall the way they do"

Pg. 62, Tuck

Tuck says to believe in destiny, and to not waste time thinking about how an incident happened and why it happened to a certain person. In other words, it will not be beneficial in any way. Rather, it will only produce more sadness and time wasting.

"Stone walls do not a prison make"

Pg. 123, Winnie

This saying is taken from a poem, β€œTo Althea: From Prison." It means that external constraints cannot imprison someone whose spirit and thoughts are free. This someone, in Tuck Everlasting, is Mae. Mae's only intention was to save Winnie and the world. Her spirit is free of greediness and bad intentions, and so she cannot be considered imprisoned, because she is innocent.

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