Tuck Everlasting Irony

Tuck Everlasting Irony

The Man In the Yellow Suit

The man in the yellow suit always spoke to people in a "rich and pleasant voice", yet he was evil and his intentions were bad. He was two faced, which shows how people should not trust strangers quickly. The man in the yellow suits represented those people and it is ironic that he is showing kindness and respect where all he wants is evil but without showing that he is the one causing it.

The Tucks needing Winnie's Help

The Tucks, when Mae was locked up, needed Winnie to take care of them. This is ironic because Winnie is only ten while these Tucks are more than a hundred years and should have more experience in life, and more solutions to different problems, unlike Winnie, who has never went out of her house. They literally depended on Winnie to save the whole world's fate; because if Mae was sentenced to the gallows she would not die and her family's secret will be exposed.

Winnie's thoughts about the man in the yellow suit's death

Winnie first said that the man in the yellow suit should not die because if he did, Mae will be locked up and hanged in the gallows. However, she then said that he should die because he has evil intention and will ruin the world with the spring water he will sell, and he will take her land from her parents.

Winnie Thinks that Jesse is old

Jesse tells Winnie he is seventeen, and she thinks this is a very old age. He actually tells Winnie: " You don't know how old it is.", because Jesse is actually way older than that. It is ironic because this is a very short age for Jesse, for Jesse is more than a hundred years old.

Stone walls do not a prison make

It is ironic because all prisons should have stone walls to prevent any escape from them, yet Winnie thinks that the prison is not made of stone walls to those who are innocent and did not mean to do illegal actions, and have free, pure souls. This shows that people with innocent minds and good deeds will always survive from the oppression they are in while the oppressor will always be punished, whether directly or indirectly.

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