Tuck Everlasting Summary

Tuck Everlasting Summary

It all starts in the first week of August when three things happen at the same day. The first one was that Mae Tuck was coming to Treegap wood, woods which were owned by the Foster family. The second event was when the man with the yellow suit knocked on the Foster's home. The third one was when Winnie Foster decided to run away. Winnie Foster was tired of her family's strictness and wanted to run away and live in her life in complete freedom. She decided to run away on the dawn of the next day.

The Tuck family were a family that lived not far away from the woods, and the day Winnie ran away, Mae Tuck went to meet her two sons, Jesse and Miles, for she hadn't seen then for about ten years. The coincidence is the Mae was going to meet them in the Treegap woods. The man with the yellow suit knocked on the Foster's house, but Winnie Foster's grandma refused to talk to him or let him in. As Winnie ran away, she goes deeper into the woods and finds a spring of water. However, she finds a boy beside the spring drinking from it whom she falls in love with immediately. She learns later that the boy is Jesse. Winnie asks to drink some water but Jesse refuses and also refuses to tell her why. Jesse is relieved when his mother, Mae and his bother, Miles arrive. They are shocked as they see Winnie and decide to kidnap her, for it was their only choice. They go along with Winnie to the Tucks' house, where Tuck is also shocked to see Winnie, yet is happy to see a normal human being.

The family tell her about their story: when they were once passing by Treegap and saw that spring and drank from it, and later they discovered that unlike everyone, they did not grow up. Miles' wife left him and all of the Tucks' friends thought they were witches and were related to black magic. The Tucks then had to move from place to place every once in a while to avoid suspicion from people. The Tucks told Winnie that they did not mean to kidnap her, but they had no other choice. Winnie, ten years old, wanted to go home, but felt loved by the Tucks. In Treegap, the man with the yellow suit came to visit the Fosters, this time to tell them good news. He told them who kidnapped their daughter and where are they, but he wanted the woods in exchange with returning Winnie. The family had no choice but to agree.

The man in the yellow suit went to the Tucks and told him his plans, to get the woods, and sell the water for expensive costs. He told them that his grandma had known a family who had a husband that never seemed to grow up and his wife thought he was a witch and left him. This husband is Miles, and the man in the yellow suit was determined to know about that family since then. When the man was grabbing Winnie by force, Mae had no choice but to shoot him with a gun.

Unfortunately, the constable witnessed the incidence and took Mae and Winnie with him: Mae to be locked up and Winnie to return home. If the man died, Mae was to be killed by the gallows. The man died. But the Tucks and Winnie knew that Mae wasn't going to be killed and their story will be heard by the whole world. They had to save Mae. When Winnie returned home, Jesse went to meet her and tell her goodbye. He gave her a bottle of the spring water and asked her to drink it when she becomes seventeen like him so they could marry.

Jesse said Miles had a plan, and Winnie decided to help by taking Mae's place so the constable will not feel suspicious about Mae's disappearance. Winnie was to cover herself up under the blanket and pretend she was Mae, asleep. This would give enough time for the Tucks to evade far away from Treegap. The next morning, Winnie was discovered and the constable couldn't punish her because she was young. Many years later, the Tucks came back to Treegap, but they were struck when they found that the wood became no more woods. They discovered that the woods were struck by lightening that caused fire and had to be all taken away. The Tucks visited Winnie's grave and felt sorry for Jesse who had high expectations to marry Winnie.

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