Tuck Everlasting Metaphors and Similes

Tuck Everlasting Metaphors and Similes

"Leaving the cottage was like leaving something real and moving into dream."

A dream is always unexpected, just like Winnie leaving the cottage. It was like she just stepped out of reality and into something unreal, unexpected. Especially that she was going to escape to save Mae. It was surprising to Winnie because, as a ten year old girl, she was going to save the whole world from knowing the truth about the spring. She always dreamed of saving the world, and her dream became true. What also made it seem unreal to her is that she was going to do something illegal, which is to help Mae escape jail.

"The sky was a ragged blaze of red and pink and orange, and its double trembled on the surface of the pond like colour spilled from a painbox."

The author compared the sky's reflection to a spilled paintbox of distinct colours. The three colours chosen are significant because they are bright, hot colours. As much as they are beautiful colours they are still got colours and not always liked. This resembles life: it is beautiful yet it can be bad sometimes and not always sweet to live.

"Closing the gates of her oldest fears as had the gates of her own fenced yard."

Winnie's parents were overprotective parents, leading them to always closing the gate of her cottage and preventing Winnie from going outside. They always warned her of the danger she will face the moment she steps outside the gate, so she became afraid herself. Her oldest fears was to go outside that cottage and meet the outside world, with its beauties and dangers. However, Winnie decided to overcome that fear and close its gates by opening the gates of her yar and escaping the cottage.

"Jess was like water, thin and quick."

Jesse was a young teenager who was in fact thin and quick. In this story, Jesse resembles youth, which is the most essential part of the human life. Without youth, there would actually be no life; life would be pointless. Likewise, water is a vital thing in the human life, for without water, everyone will die,and life will not exist.

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