Zuleika Dobson Background

Zuleika Dobson Background

Zuleika Dobson is the only novel of essayist, parodist, and caricaturist Max Beerbohm.The full title is Zuleika Dobson or an Oxford Love Story. Published in 1911 by Heinemann Publishing, the novel is a satire on undergraduate life at Oxford University. Although Beerbohm's only novel, it was successful and the line "Death cancels all engagements" became famous. Interestingly. Beerbohm himself did not call the book a novel, rather considering it "the work of a leisurely essayist ammussing himself with a narrative idea."

Having attended Oxford University himself, Max Beerbohm wrote Zuleika Dobson based on the experiences and views he gleaned from his academic life. Beerbohm attended Oxford from 1890 through 1894 but was a very unenthusiatic student and left without a degree. Although not too interested in academics in general, Beerbohm began his writing while at Oxford, became acquainted with the other great writers of the day like Oscar Wilde, and became well known at the university. These experiences are reflected in Beerbohm's writing.

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