Zorba the Greek

zorba the greek

i want a discussion about Zorba The Greek

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Determined to prove that he can live an active life, a bookworm sets out to make his fortune mining coal on Crete. Waiting for his ship to set sail, this narrator sits in a pub and ruminates over memories of a friend who has gone to sea defending Greece from foreign invasion and rescuing countrymen abroad. He and this friend made a pact requiring each to warn the other in case of danger, transmitting a distress signal through their unbreakable bond of friendship. In the pub, the narrator has the unexpected good luck to meet Zorba before setting sail and takes him on as a foreman to oversee the work. The narrator is immediately taken with his new companion and seeks to emulate his passionate, instinctual behavior.

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http://www.bookrags.com/studyguide-zorba-the-greek/plotsummary.html I thought the information for this particular piece was great.