Your Inner Fish Background

Your Inner Fish Background

Your Inner Fish was written Neil Shubin and published in 2008. The book was named the best book of the year by the National Academy of Sciences. Shubin has authored two books, Your Inner Fish and The Universe Within. Shubin is a researcher and a professor at UChicago, and he focuses on the evolution of new organs and limbs. He has done a lot of research and discovery in the field, uncovering many animals in the fossil record that contributes to our understanding of evolution and natural selection.

One of Shubin’s most significant and well known fossil discoveries is the 375 million year old Tiktaalik roseae fossil, which most biologists consider to be the connecting animal between fish and land animals. By citing evidence from fossils and DNA, Shubin writes about how human hands are homologous to fish fins, human heads are organized like jawless fish (which are long extinct), and the human genome is like worm and bacteria genomes. Shubin skillfully includes very technical scientific concepts in Your Inner Fish but explains that concept so well in layman terms so that everyone can understand science and the history of the human race and all life on Earth.

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